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The chakras are energetic centers within the human body that play a vital role in our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Rumi’s poetry inspires meditation

The concept of the subtle body is an integral part of many spiritual and esoteric traditions. It refers to a non-physical, energetic counterpart to the physical body.

How can working with the chakras help you in everyday life?

The 6 C’s to Emotional & Mental Detox

4,7,8 Breathing can help you sleep better.

Star Breathing – evens out the nervous system leaving you rested and calm

Heart Breathing – a heart opening breathing practice increasing compassion and care.

Box Breathing – used by Navy Seal teams to perform under pressure.

Ashtavakra Gita – Part 1 – one of the most profound, heart opening messages in Vedic literature.

We Are the Silence – A meditation with words & music by G Fabbri

Unfolding – a meditation with words & music by G Fabbri

Shine – a meditation with words & music by G Fabbri

If you’re STRESSED – try a Miracle Mindset

Meaningful Success Meditations

M2-3 small things
M3-Proud of yourself
M4-Forgive Yourself
M5-Heart On Fire
M6-What do you need
M7-When you feel sad
M9-Drain Energy
M10-Inspire Energy
M11-Money NO issue
M12-All Your Goals
M13-Limiting Beliefs
M14-Changes in your Life
M15-Healing From
M16-What’s Holding you back
M17-Habits not serving you
M18-Healthy Self
M19-More Confidence
M20-Settling for less
M21-Change in 5 years
M22-Best Qualities
M23-Biggest Motivation
M24-Passionate About
M25-Overcome Insecurities
M26-Overcome Challenges
M27-What bugs you
M28-Most Grateful
M29-Top 3 Values
M30-What 1 Thing
M31-Healthier Life
M32-Character Traits
M33-More Meaningful
M34-Energy Focus
M35-Morning Routine
M36-The Best Thing
M37-Better Year
M38-New Skill
M39-Book about you
M43-Future Self
M44-One Year
M45-Dreams Come True
M46-Guaranteed Success
M48-Younger Self
M49-Perfect Day
M50-Your Best Self