Artful Endurance

Artful Endurance – the parallels of the Ultramarathon, Business and Creativity

Taking on the challenge of running an Ultramarathon in Morocco was a game-changer for me. I’ve been a regular jogger for years, thinking it’s a solid way to stay fit and get my daily dose of nature.

The idea of an ultra had crossed my mind before, but I questioned if I had the time to train properly. I figured those ‘in the know’ would always outperform me with their ideal bodies and top-notch gear, zooming past me on my morning run.

Surprisingly, my routine morning jogs and steady, slow distances turned out to be the perfect training for my first Ultra. I snagged first place in my age group, 15th overall, covering 50KM in the Moroccan desert in just 6 hours and 22 minutes.

Here are some thoughts:

In endurance training, athletes refine their physical capabilities for lasting performance. Similarly, in business, we can tap into the parallels and integrate artistic intelligence to fuel creativity and innovation for long-term success.

Progressive Overload 

In both endurance training and business, the principle of progressive overload is enhanced by artistic intelligence. As you gradually increase the intensity of your efforts, artistic intelligence can help you innovate, think creatively, and introduce novel strategies to keep pushing the boundaries of your performance. One of the wonderful things that you notice as you prepare for the race are the small quirky solutions that people have constructed for rigging up water bottles, stashing energy bars, and protecting themselves from the elements.


The 10,000-hour rule silently creates mastery. Ideas sparked when I heard about the idea of running an UltraX marathon in the Moroccan desert.. Yet, sustaining momentum demands a steady commitment to a training regimen, mirroring the persistent cultivation of creative thinking in the business realm.

Phase Planning

Strategically planning and adapting to different phases, where creativity and innovation can thrive at the right moments. Gearing up for race day or for an exhibit means looking at the whole picture and making an execution plan focused on helping you peak at the right time.

Recovery and Adaptation

Recovery is more than just a buzzword in the ultramarathon world, it’s a lifeline to optimal performance. This is one area where my love of yoga and the idea of self-care helped. Take time to reflect and adapt with a creative mindset to gain fresh insights and innovative solutions and overcome challenges. 

Nutrition and Fueling

Nourishing artistic intelligence means providing the resources and support that feed creativity. Investing in professional development, encouraging diverse thinking, and fostering a culture of artistic expression. We need fuel for the body, the mind and the heart. 

Goal Setting

We all know the importance of goal setting. When running an Ultra we create the big goal but also many smaller goals to get there. This reflects what we must do in both the business and art worlds. Artistic intelligence helps to redefine and revitalize goals by infusing them with creative perspectives and making objectives more engaging and inspiring.

Monitoring and Feedback

How am I doing? In endurance, business and art measuring our performance in relationship to our vision is vital. This helps us to re-align and continue in the right direction for us.

By weaving artistic intelligence into these principles, businesses unlock creative potential enabling sustained endurance in the competitive landscape, fostering innovation, adaptation, and effective communication for long-term success.

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